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Introduction to Touhou 32: Eiki

Eiki 1

“Heaven or hell. Where do you wish to go?”

For the humans of Gensokyo, there are two ultimate destinations. While, this journey to heaven or hell can take many unexpected twists and repetitions through the cycle of life, there is one who awaits them at the end of each life to weigh their sins and judge their worth. Certainly, one can forestall the inevitable, but even they will fall prey to the kishin. Indeed, there are only two beings truly out of the yama’s reach, but in doing so, Kaguya and Mokou have created a greater hell for themselves than the judge of the dead could ever sentence them to.

The spirits of the deceased who Komachi successfully ferries across the Sanzu River find themselves in the Higan, an otherworldly field of flowers where they wait amongst the countless dead for their audience with Eiki.
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Introduction to Touhou 31: Komachi

Komachi 1
“Whoops, I guess I relaxed too much. Well it’s fine. This little break will increase the efficiency of my work.”

The Sanzu River: the river separating the world of the living and the Higan beyond. The souls of the dead find their way to the banks of this river where a single shinigami ferries them across, the length of the journey corresponding to the sins of the passenger. Though they face judgment by the yama herself, few would choose to remain on the other side for fear of their bodies being claimed by youkai, damning them to undeath as a vengeful spirit. The ferryman for Gensokyo is Komachi Onozuka, precisely the wrong woman for the job.
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Introduction to Touhou 30: Yuuka

Yuuka 1

“Do you know why flowers can be a symbol of death as well as happiness? That’s because they’re the same as humans. Souls gather, flowers bloom, and when souls leave, flowers scatter. “

Sometimes they see, amidst the senseless landscapes of their dreams, a lake of blood. From the sanguine depths emerges a woman with green hair and eyes as deep and red as the water around her. Her smile masks her insatiable bloodlust and unimaginable cruelty and she begins to stride towards them, each step leaving an eviscerated corpse in its wake. She reaches out, but before she can touch them, they awake with a scream and the sense of relief that it was all a dream. Little do they know the nightmare has become reality.

Originally from the fourth Touhou game, Lotus Land Story, Yuuka received a minor wardrobe alteration and a significant personality change upon her reintroduction in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Much like Alice, the Yuuka of PC-98 and the Yuuka of the Windows games are completely different beasts and there are two conflicting stories regarding Yuuka as a result of the divide.
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