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Introduction to Touhou 30: Yuuka

Yuuka 1

“Do you know why flowers can be a symbol of death as well as happiness? That’s because they’re the same as humans. Souls gather, flowers bloom, and when souls leave, flowers scatter. “

Sometimes they see, amidst the senseless landscapes of their dreams, a lake of blood. From the sanguine depths emerges a woman with green hair and eyes as deep and red as the water around her. Her smile masks her insatiable bloodlust and unimaginable cruelty and she begins to stride towards them, each step leaving an eviscerated corpse in its wake. She reaches out, but before she can touch them, they awake with a scream and the sense of relief that it was all a dream. Little do they know the nightmare has become reality.

Originally from the fourth Touhou game, Lotus Land Story, Yuuka received a minor wardrobe alteration and a significant personality change upon her reintroduction in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Much like Alice, the Yuuka of PC-98 and the Yuuka of the Windows games are completely different beasts and there are two conflicting stories regarding Yuuka as a result of the divide.
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Introduction to Touhou 17: Alice

Alice 1

“Why the hell did you stuff gunpowder in ’em?!” – Marisa

Deep within the Forest of Magic resides a puppeteer renowned for her pale skin and blonde hair much like that of the dolls she creates. Alice Margatroid, the Seven-Colored Puppeteer, is a magician of considerable intellect and power whose title supposedly comes from her grimoire that “shines wonderfully with all the seven colors of the light”.

Magicians in Touhou are defined as magic users capable of expanding their repertoire of skills through research, but they come in two varieties: youkai and human. Human magicians like Marisa Kirisame are born without innate magical ability and instead develop their powers through pure effort, contrasting with natural-born youkai magicians like Patchouli Knowledge. Somewhere in between these two extremes lies Alice, who claims to have been a human who recently ascended into a youkai through the accumulation of magical power. This is apparent in her more humanlike habits of wanting normal food and expressing the desire to sleep at night even though youkai need neither of these.
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