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Introduction to Touhou 43: Koishi

Koishi 1

“A satori who can’t read minds. A kitchen knife that can’t cut. A bland, unscented spice.” – Akyuu

The satori race of youkai is feared and hated for its mind-reading third eye, but what happens when a satori closes this eye and rejects the power that defines them? The result is Koishi Komeiji.

While her sister Satori escaped persecution by isolating herself physically in her palace, Koishi instead isolated herself emotionally from the world around her. In doing so, she closed her third eye and lost her mind-reading abilities, but instead, they mutated into something far more terrifying.

Koishi’s subconscious-manipulation power is perhaps one of the most fearsome in the series as it far surpasses that of her sister. Satori can only read someone’s surface thoughts and her ability to exploit these thoughts is limited by the imperfections of human memory. Koishi on the other hand can penetrate into the core of someone’s being and understand their deep fears and underlying motivations. Moreover, the manipulation of the subconscious allows her to create hallucinations and bring these fears to life in her spell cards.
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