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Introduction to Touhou 24: Reisen

Reisen 4

Don’t you see that you’ve already fallen into this moon rabbit’s trap?
Left, right, up and down…
Your sense of direction has already gone insane.
Though you’re trying to fly straight ahead, you’re floating around aimlessly.
Now, gaze into my eyes, and become more insane still!

Reisen Udongein Inaba is a Moon Rabbit in service of the Lunarians living in the hidden mansion of Eientei.

Reisen was a soldier in the Lunar War between the Lunarians and the humans of the Outside World. The war began in 1969 with the Apollo 11 landing and has continued with each successive human invasion of the Moon. While no pitched battles took place, the incursions and retaliatory sabotage of human spacecraft were considered a grave enough threat for the situation to be called a war. Reisen deserted the Lunarian army at some point and fled to Gensokyo where she found the exiles Eirin and Kaguya. In exchange for protection, Reisen offered her services and became their servant/guard.

Reisen 7
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Introduction to Touhou 23: Tewi

Tewi 1

“A rabbit hopping around above the water; there’s a limit to weird you know.” – Cirno

Tewi Inaba is a youkai rabbit residing in the Bamboo Forest near the mansion of Eientei. Originally a normal animal, Tewi became a youkai after living an unnaturally long time and gained a humanoid form in the process. Acting as the leader of Gensokyo’s native rabbit population, she struck a deal with the Lunarian named Eirin Yagokoro in which she would help the residents of Eientei elude discovery in exchange for advanced knowledge. Typically, the rabbits seem to do menial tasks like pounding mochi though they have functioned as firefighters on one occasion.

The rabbits of Gensokyo are described as easygoing and gossipy with the ability to communicate with each other via telepathy. As one might imagine, word gets to Tewi quickly with a network of telepathic gossip hounds at her disposal.

Tewi is the series’ quintessential trickster and has told so many lies that the Judge of the Dead, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, personally visited her to warn that her constant deception will serve her poorly once she dies. In the past, she has engaged in such shady activities as pretending to collect shrine donations in order to raise money for her own ventures, earning the ire of Reimu as the shrine maiden had to content herself with collecting leaves in her offering box.
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