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Introduction to Touhou 52: Kokoro

Kokoro 1

“I thought you were expressionless, but your personality is changing a mile a minute.” – Marisa

Hata no Kokoro is a menreiki youkai, an amalgamation of masks used in a certain performance art called Gigaku. The art in question has long since ceased existing in practice, but as we all know, it’s when things are forgotten in the real world that they have a habit of popping up in Gensokyo.

The menreiki are a subclass of tsukumogami, which are the supernatural extensions of tools or objects occupied by one of the countless Shinto deities. We’ve encountered one such tsukumogami in the past, the umbrella youkai Kogasa Tatara, and several other youkai within this category feature in the 14th main Touhou game: Double Dealing Character.
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Introduction to Touhou 51: Mamizou

Mamizou 1

“It smells like youkai around here. Or like wild animals.” – Reimu

Upon hearing of Miko’s resurrection, Nue Houjuu recognized the threat they posed to the youkai of Gensokyo and called forth an ally of hers from the outside world. This ally is Mamizou Futatsuiwa, and while she arrived too late to combat the Taoists, she did have the opportunity to experience the quintessential Gensokyo welcome wagon of pain. Following her debut, Mamizou made herself comfortable in Myouren Temple after Youmu (and presumably Nue) told her about Byakuren’s unusual ideology. Now she spends her days watching local events play out, using a human form whenever she visits the village.

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