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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 59: Gunpla Builders Beginning G

Fino and Ace use this glorified plastic model commercial as an excuse to reminisce about the old and new of Gundam. While Gunpla Builders Beginning G amounts to little more than a warmup for the far superior Gundam Build Fighters, it does deserve credit for being the origin of the world’s most dangerous Mobile Suit: The Bearguy.


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The Nine Hells of Anime Podcast Episode 24: Gundam 0080 – War in the Pocket

We get down to brass tacks straight away this week with a vigorous argument on the merits and demerits of Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, an unusual entry in the behemoth metaseries renowned for its lack of angsty teenagers conveniently falling into giant robots to save the world. Instead, we have a cheery “boy meets enemy combatant” story that turns immensely tragic.

Hosts: NoMachineGunForHim, Ace, Moonhead, and Zaburai.
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