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The Nine Hells of Anime Podcast Episode 23: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

This episode, we take on Umineko no Naku Koro ni (aka When the Seagulls Cry), the disastrous adaptation of the lengthy and popular 7th Expansion visual novel series of the same name. Will this anime’s outrageous antics and quotable dialogue compensate for its abominable pacing? As the Witches of Miracles and Certainty have decreed it, this podcast can’t possibly end well.

Hosts: NoMachineGunForHim and Moonhead

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The Nine Hells of Anime Podcast Episode 2: Ookami Kakushi

In this week’s podcast, we tackle a mystery anime collaboration between Ryukishi07 and Peach-Pit that attempts to be Higurashi’s spiritual successor. Does it succeed or does it fall short like Umineko? Listen and find out.

"Look at me, Hiro-kun"

“Look at me, Hiro-kun”

Hosts: NoMachineGunForHim, Moonhead, Zaburai, MexicanAnime, Xane the Insane, and eventually David.

This Week’s Tragedies:
1. David only shows up halfway through the podcast. He was never heard from again.
2. I compare Kaori Mana to Lacus Clyne. However, it actually wasn’t Rie Tanaka playing Kaori, but Yuko Gotou.

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