aka. NoMachineGunForHim and Gensokyo Outsider

Fino is the site administrator, the writer of Introduction to Touhou, a host on the Nine Hells of Anime Podcast, and the guy representing us on social media. Anything that goes wrong is probably his fault and he’ll be the primary contact point for anyone looking to contribute or otherwise interact with the site.

As far as anime is concerned, Fino values raw entertainment value above all else and is quite the critic when it comes to comedy. Whether artistically daring or the most insane and ill-conceived of 80’s OVAs, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t bore.


aka. Moonhead

The site’s resident angry German, hipster, and literatus, Moon is both a host on the Nine Hells of Anime Podcast and its primary editor. Known for his curious sense of humor, Moon eschews the pseudophilosophical and the pretentious in favor of twirling maids and grotesque spectacles of flesh and blood. He’s also a tremendous masochist and is oathbound to finish any metaseries he starts. Four seasons of Ikki Tousen later, he shows no signs of stopping.

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