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Site Changes

Hey there folks, Fino here. It’s a new year and change is afoot.


Revamped Forum

The old L34 forum was unwieldy and gathering dust so we’re starting anew with a much more specialized approach. The forum is now the primary hub for setting up community activities, specifically gaming. There are two specific subforums for League of Legends and Pok√©mon/Other Nintendo Game groupfinding.

The latter has a friend code thread for expanding friend safaris and finding people to battle while the LoL forum boasts a groupfinding thread that I’ll use to form 5-man teams of similar skill level, complementing role preferences, and most importantly, similar hours of activity.

We also have threads/teams for the following:

  • Hearthstone
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Check out the new forum here.


Audio Player Change

After having some issues with the audio plugin we’ve been using, we’ve switched to the WordPress player.

I’m updating all the podcast episodes to make use of the new player, but if for whatever reason there’s no audio player on any given episode, by all means comment and we’ll get that taken care of.


Nine Hells of Anime Now Every Other Week

Between me working on Anime Elimination and Moon being swamped with matters in the 3D world, coordinating podcast recordings has become fairly difficult so to give us some slack, we’ve switched the release frequency of the Nine Hells of Anime Podcast from weekly to bi-weekly. Hopefully, this’ll also give us a chance to work more 26 episode shows into our topics.


Anime Elimination Added to the Lineup

I’ve been sneaking updates of a video series onto the site for more than a month now and that’s Anime Elimination, a preview series where I take each new season’s anime and, based off the initial three episodes, assess whether each has potential or is a probable waste of time.

The remaining episodes of the Fall 2013 season will come out as soon as I finish them, but the Winter 2014 season will replace the Nine Hells of Anime as the weekly release for Monday.