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Site Changes

Hey there folks, Fino here. It’s a new year and change is afoot.


Revamped Forum

The old L34 forum was unwieldy and gathering dust so we’re starting anew with a much more specialized approach. The forum is now the primary hub for setting up community activities, specifically gaming. There are two specific subforums for League of Legends and Pokémon/Other Nintendo Game groupfinding.

The latter has a friend code thread for expanding friend safaris and finding people to battle while the LoL forum boasts a groupfinding thread that I’ll use to form 5-man teams of similar skill level, complementing role preferences, and most importantly, similar hours of activity.

We also have threads/teams for the following:

  • Hearthstone
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Check out the new forum here.


Audio Player Change

After having some issues with the audio plugin we’ve been using, we’ve switched to the WordPress player.

I’m updating all the podcast episodes to make use of the new player, but if for whatever reason there’s no audio player on any given episode, by all means comment and we’ll get that taken care of.


Nine Hells of Anime Now Every Other Week

Between me working on Anime Elimination and Moon being swamped with matters in the 3D world, coordinating podcast recordings has become fairly difficult so to give us some slack, we’ve switched the release frequency of the Nine Hells of Anime Podcast from weekly to bi-weekly. Hopefully, this’ll also give us a chance to work more 26 episode shows into our topics.


Anime Elimination Added to the Lineup

I’ve been sneaking updates of a video series onto the site for more than a month now and that’s Anime Elimination, a preview series where I take each new season’s anime and, based off the initial three episodes, assess whether each has potential or is a probable waste of time.

The remaining episodes of the Fall 2013 season will come out as soon as I finish them, but the Winter 2014 season will replace the Nine Hells of Anime as the weekly release for Monday.

Introduction to Touhou 44: The Music of Subterranean Animism

Music of SA

Whereas the music of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil was defined primarily by the eccentricities of its characters, Perfect Cherry Blossom by its otherworldliness, and Imperishable Night by the vastness, grandness, and emptiness of space, Subterranean Animism is defined by its explosive and relentless energy. In many ways, this game is scored like an action movie, moving from one heart-pumping setpice to the next.
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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 55: Gunsmith Cats

Two bounty hunters/illegal gun shop owners are blackmailed by a loose cannon cop into investigating a gun-running ring. In their snooping, they fight hardened thugs, corrupt politicians, and even a psychotic Russian assassin. If you think this sounds like an 80’s action flick, then you’ve hit the nail on the head. Now we get to find out how Gunsmith Cats’ depiction of Chicago fares against Mad Bull 34’s version of New York.


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Introduction to Touhou 43: Koishi

Koishi 1

“A satori who can’t read minds. A kitchen knife that can’t cut. A bland, unscented spice.” – Akyuu

The satori race of youkai is feared and hated for its mind-reading third eye, but what happens when a satori closes this eye and rejects the power that defines them? The result is Koishi Komeiji.

While her sister Satori escaped persecution by isolating herself physically in her palace, Koishi instead isolated herself emotionally from the world around her. In doing so, she closed her third eye and lost her mind-reading abilities, but instead, they mutated into something far more terrifying.

Koishi’s subconscious-manipulation power is perhaps one of the most fearsome in the series as it far surpasses that of her sister. Satori can only read someone’s surface thoughts and her ability to exploit these thoughts is limited by the imperfections of human memory. Koishi on the other hand can penetrate into the core of someone’s being and understand their deep fears and underlying motivations. Moreover, the manipulation of the subconscious allows her to create hallucinations and bring these fears to life in her spell cards.
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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 54: Psycho-Pass

Back in the third quarter of 2013, Fino and Moon recorded a monster of a podcast that up until now went unedited. Even with the full set of edits, this final version comes out to a terrifying 1.5 hours, and rest assured that time is filled to the brim with criticism on the dystopian cop drama Psycho-Pass. What happens to Japanese society when everything is run by computers that can read a person’s mental state and even calculate their propensity for crime? The answer may surprise you.




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Introduction to Touhou 42: Utsuho

Utsuho 1

“What’s the power of the sun? Photosynthesis? Sunburn?” – Marisa Kirisame

Utsuho Reiuji, also known by her nickname Okuu, is a Hell Raven, a particular type of youkai native to Hell. Her species is notable for being born not directly from the fears of humans, but from the darkness of the abyss. I dunno about you, but that sounds metal as hell.

Suika: She’s a humble bird that eats the corpses of the dead in the Hell of Blazing Fires.

Reimu: She must eat mostly fried meat, then. That’ll be bad for her when she’s older.

Utsuho’s job is to manage the temperature of the Hell of Blazing Fires, a mindless and monotonous task best left to those of little intelligence. This same simpleness also made Utsuho the perfect target for Kanako in her plan to bring nuclear energy to Gensokyo. Within the depths of this particular hell resided Yatagarasu, the sun crow. By devouring it, Utsuho could gain the power to bring the surface world into a new age, or so Kanako’s voice told her. Tempted by the goddesses’ words, Utsuho consumed Yatagarasu and became its vessel. Though most would have been destroyed in attempting to control such a powerful being, Utsuho’s lack of willpower made her a blank slate of sorts that could coexist in the same body with the Sun Crow.

“Yatagarasu? A sun crow inside a crow? She’s like one of those Russian dolls! – Reimu Hakurei

This absorption warped the Hell Raven’s body, however, and many of these changes manifested in nuclear power-related symbols. These symbols merit some discussion and the first of these is her right leg which is encased in cement. This is a reference to the elephant’s foot of Chernobyl, which was formed when nuclear material and buffering sand leaked into the rooms below the reactor and mixed to form lava which then hardened into odd structures like the elephant’s foot. These structures were intensely radioactive and served as symbols of the terrifying lethality of radiation.
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