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Introduction to Touhou 34: Nitori

Nitori Kawashiro is a kappa living near the base of Youkai Mountain. She’s an engineer by trade and enjoys tinkering with technology from the outside world in order to reverse-engineer it.

In Japanese folklore, the Kappa are amphibious creatures of childlike stature with webbed appendages, turtle shells, beaklike mouths, and a hairless cavity on the top of their head often filled with water. This dishlike structure must be full of water at all times for them to move about on land, resulting in a rather hilarious method of defeating them by bowing, thus immobilizing them by forcing them to reciprocate and spill the contents of the dish. How polite of them.

Their arms are said to be connected directly to each other, allowing them to reach out and grab far targets by shifting the length of their arm. The Kappa are known as tricksters and engage in all manner of shenanigans ranging from benign pranks to more malicious acts like dragging people into the water and drowning them. For some other trivia, Kappa supposedly love cucumbers, sumo wrestling, and anally invading humans to death. Yes, you read that correctly, and we’ll get back to that.
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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 44: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

This week, Fino and Moon look at both Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Flesh-eating clouds and reverberating snake women face off against material girls and space vampires to see which comes out on top in a contest of absurdity. Guest starring the most awkward introductory bit in our podcast’s history.


Hosts: Fino and Moon
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Introduction to Touhou 33: Aya

Aya 1

“Yep, third-rate. The contents are just awful. What kinda idiot would write stuff like this?” – Marisa

Thus far in the Introduction to Touhou, we’ve relied on three primary sources. The first of these is Marisa Kirisame’s Grimoire of Marisa, an ultraspecialized tome on the spell cards of various characters that acts mostly as a shopping list for the thieving magician. The second is Hieda no Akyuu’s Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, a dry and encyclopedic reference text that provides a factual backbone for much of our analysis. The third and last is Aya Shameimaru’s Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, a collection of news articles and follow-up interviews that covers unusual incidents typically outside the events of the main games.

Though for a number of reasons, Bohemian Archive has questionable factual accuracy, its interview format and writing style went a long way towards adding much-needed color to the Touhou universe. That said, it stops covering events and characters just before Phantasmagoria of Flower View and thus won’t be of any further use until we backtrack in the Hard Mode section of the Introduction to Touhou. So as a sendoff to this handy document, we’ll be looking at its similarly storied and colorful writer.

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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 43: Black Rock Shooter TV

Back in the Vocaloid craze of the late 2000’s, Black Rock Shooter emerged from a single concept image and a Hatsune Miku song of the same title to become its own phenomenon spanning multiple anime, handheld games, and manga. This episode, however, deals specifically with the 2012 TV series that’s half CG spectacle of cartoonish violence and half ill-conceived middle school drama. Fino calls it RWBY before RWBY existed, but does this description hold?


Hosts: Fino and Moon
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The Nine Hells of Anime Episode 42: Danganronpa the Animation

Our Subpar High School Level Podcasters look at the recently resurgent Danganronpa craze and try to figure out exactly what makes it so appealing. Though our analysis turns up a spectacular recommendation for Celestia Ludenberg, our views on the anime are considerably more sour, to say the least.


Hosts: Fino, Moon, and Ace.

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Introduction to Touhou 32: Eiki

Eiki 1

“Heaven or hell. Where do you wish to go?”

For the humans of Gensokyo, there are two ultimate destinations. While, this journey to heaven or hell can take many unexpected twists and repetitions through the cycle of life, there is one who awaits them at the end of each life to weigh their sins and judge their worth. Certainly, one can forestall the inevitable, but even they will fall prey to the kishin. Indeed, there are only two beings truly out of the yama’s reach, but in doing so, Kaguya and Mokou have created a greater hell for themselves than the judge of the dead could ever sentence them to.

The spirits of the deceased who Komachi successfully ferries across the Sanzu River find themselves in the Higan, an otherworldly field of flowers where they wait amongst the countless dead for their audience with Eiki.
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